Building the tools and infrastructure to launch the Handshake Network out of this world

Our Mission

Promote and support the adoption of Handshake by building the tools and infrastructure necessary for developers and other crypto ventures to take advantages of the many benefits of HNS’s underlying technology, to promote a free and more private web while pushing adoption forward.


We believe that in order to help bring Handshake to a larger audience, there must be a plethora of resources available. Through our initiatives such as the Handshake Academy and hackathons, we hope to provide a considerable amount of those resources.


Due to the current niche nature of crypto, many organizations or people who might benefit have not discovered it yet. We are actively reaching out to those organizations and people who we believe will be most positively impacted by Handshake. We are building the tools and infrastructure that they need to join the ecosystem.


We hope to provide an ecosystem that can not only support open source tooling for Handshake, but provide funding for future tools that need to be built. Similar to the Linux Foundation, we plan to provide an umbrella for some of the best tooling available for Handshake.