Handshake Community

Handshake's success in creating a more secure internet depends on its users. Make the switch from "legacy" DNS to Handshake DNS

How You Can Help

You are an important member of the handshake community. Handshake attempts to make the internet a more secure and private piece of technology. This all starts with its users. Join the community, bid on your first top level domain (TLD), build a project that is hosted on that TLD, join the network by running a Handshake full node, or just spread the word to family and friends about the project.

Support Channels

There are a handful of support channels for you to get your questions answered



Exchanges & Registrars


Handshake IRC - irc://irc.freenode.net/#handshake

Monthly Meeting

Every month, the community is hosting conference calls that are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to join, speak their mind, or just hangout with a bunch of awesome community members.

Join the calendar - Monthly Meeting Calendar